Greetings, Wildcat Families.

Did you know public schools are only reimbursed when students are at school, regardless of the reason? Each day a student is not at school represents about $45 of lost revenue. Over the course of a year that can really add up. For example, if only one student is absent each day from every one of our nine classrooms during the course of an entire school that represents more than $70,000!

While we ALWAYS want students to stay home when necessary, please do your best to ensure your child has the opportunity to reach their educational potential and that our school can maintain essential and enrichment programs through adequate funding.

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Best, August Deshais

Coffee with the Principal

 Many thanks to all who attended our community brainstorming events last Monday. Attendees shared their thoughts on what our school is doing well, as well as what we need to become even better. If you were unable to attend you will have another chance to share your ideas later this month. Please plan to attend a family pizza dinner onTuesday, February 26, from 5:30-7pm. Dinner and childcare are provided.

Spelling Bee

 Congratulations to our elementary spelling bee winner Noah Mikus, runner up Piper Murray, and alternate Meriden Estlin. Our junior high winner is Samantha Duncan, the runner up is Mason Toroni, and the alternate is Hanna Lund. They now head to the regional spelling bee this Thursday at the River Lodge at 5:30pm. Join us if you can. It should be a lovely evening! 

Every Day Counts

    Did you know each day a student is absent the school loses out on roughly $45? In fact, if one student from each class is absent each day of the school year that represents over $70,000! Please remember every day counts for your child’s education, and for our school’s ability to provide essential and enrichment programs.

    In January our attendance rate was 95% which means absences equaled a loss of about $7,000 for our school. Let’s see if we can improve our attendance rate this month to at least 96%!

We Want Your Box Tops!

   Send in your Box Tops for Education by this Friday to see how many 100 charts (each equal to $10) we can fill as a school.

We Also Want a Music Teacher!

  If you know someone with the skills to bring general music enrichment or specific instrument instruction to our students please encourage them to contact the office.

Teachers of Excellence

   The nomination period is open for the annual Humboldt County Excellence in Teaching awards. Since we have a school full of excellent teachers I encourage you to nominate one of our outstanding faculty members. For a nomination form visit This is a great opportunity to highlight our amazing teachers and the excellent school to the rest of Humboldt County.